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My boot camp classes are all indoors, exclusively at FITMODE Atlanta; a private training studio.  Thus, very few classes are cancelled due to weather.  I hold 16 fitness classes per week, morning and eveningParking is free and I’m easy to get to by being located in West Midtown Atlanta.

Look, changing your body is never easy – regardless of what the infomercials says.  But it’s not impossible; and with my weight loss and fitness boot camp program, I can help you achieve results that are real, and that are lasting. 

Unlike most, I tailor your nutrition to YOU.  I don’t simply hand you a pre-printed list of meals and snacks saying: “Here, eat ‘this”. 

I actually tailor your nutrition to your current body, to your current lifestyle and to your current goals.  THAT IS MY SECRET SAUCE! :)

Although, I train you in a Group Class setting – your overall experience is tailored to fit you and you alone.

Let’s not forget your Nutrition.  It can be argued that nutrition accounts for 50 – 75% of your overall fitness; whether your goals are weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, weight gain, toning, etc.

Nutrition is simply the corner stone of whatever you’re trying to achieve …          
and Nutrition is where I set myself apart

I won’t get too much into details here, but my program gives you the right mix of Metabolic Stimulus, Performance Oriented Resistance, as well as, Core & Cardio Conditioning ... all for the purposes you achieving your goals. 

But wait, there’s more (I couldn’t resist)

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, lower your body fat, tone & tighten or simply get ready for that big mud race – my fitness and weight loss boot camp program can help you.

While not everyone is concerned with weight loss; most members are trying to achieve some level of ‘toning’. 

Whether it’s chiseled abs, tight buns, or firm guns (arms) toning is the order of the day – and this is achieved by lowering your body fat percentage

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Hi, I’m Khalil Shabazz and Welcome to Black Phoenix Boot Camp in North Decatur

If your'e goals are weight loss oriented, and are focused on overall health & fitness– you’ve come to the right place. 

Black Phoenix Boot Camp is a Group Personal TrainingProgram that focuses on weight loss and fitness.  This is a Results Oriented Program that Guarantees your Satisfaction

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