770-609-4613        668 11th St, NW (inside)   "Gladiator Fitness Atlanta"  West Midtown Area  Atlanta GA; 30318

We have a great $25 DROP-IN RATE for visitors not able, nor intending on becoming members.

Martial Arts & Fitness Academy

If this sounds like a program your like your kid to be a part of, take advantage of our 1 MonthTrial for $139.     No obligation, no strings.

This is the best way to determine if this program is a good fit for you and your kid.

Students will receive ...

  • A Student Handbook,
  • Access to training videos for Home Study
  • And they will receive Homework Assignments.

These assignments will range from: Physical Exercises to Perform, Material to Read, Study, View and Give a Report on.

                  Now accepting New Students for our                  "Kids Martial Arts & Anti-Bully Program"

We're accepting ages 8-12 yrs old.

Classes are held on Tues & Thurs from 3:30pm-4:20pm (subject to change, so please inquire)

Curriculum includes:
Exercises for building and developing

  • "Balance & Dexterity"
  • "Reflexes & Hand-Eye Coordination".
  • Also, Self Defense Exercises such as:
  • "Anti-Bully Self Defense"
  • "Boxing" "Kickboxing"
  • "Wing Chun Trapping" &
  • "Impact Weapons"

Although this is a Self Defense Curriculum,

Everything is taught with Safety being the Primary Concern and Learning being the Primary Objective.