Martial Arts & Fitness Academy

​​​​*Basic Footwork & Distance Management;

*Angles of Attack & Target Areas;

*Grip Positions & Entries;

*How to React to Cues (Visual, Audible, & Physical)

*As well as Drawing Techniques, Sensitivity & Pressure

*Reaction Drills and much, much more.

​​You Will Be Taught How to Properly & Effectively use Any Edge Weapon to your Benefit in a Self Defense Situation.



Hi. I am Khalil Shabazz Certified Jeet Kune Do & Kali Instructor. I am also Law Enforcement Certified (LEO). I am the Founder & Chief Instructor of Black Phoenix Martial Arts where I specialize in teaching Bruce Lee's art of Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Art of Kali (Stick & Knives).​​

If you're the type of person who has considered using an Edge Weapon as a means of Self Defense BUT has NEVER TRAINED with such a weapon; this Workshop is for you!

Oct 7th 12pm - 3pm! (3 Hours)

​​​​​At this Workshop, You Will Learn Offensive & Defensive Techniques such as: 

Because this is Specialized Knowledge (which means there will be lots and lots of very specific material) in order for attendees to get their fill, SPACE WILL HAVE TO BE LIMITED TO 20 PEOPLE!

770-609-4613        668 11th St, NW (inside)   "FITMODE Atlanta"  West Midtown Area  Atlanta GA; 30318

Date: Oct 7th

​Time: 12pm - 3pm (3 Hours)

Price: $50

Early Bird Special: ​​

Next 5 People are $35

​Next 5 People are $50​​

We have a great $25 DROP-IN RATE for visitors not able, nor intending on becoming members.