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testimonials & rEVIEWS

When people learn of what I do for a living, all sorts of ideas pop into their head. Notions of an MMA gym - like UFC, a traditional martial arts dojo - like The Karate Kid, or a boxing gym - like in the Rocky movies are imagined.

I assure you, my place is neither of those.

We're much more down to Earth. I run a great place, with great people - regular people, just like you.  No egos, no maniacs ... just regular folks who want to improve their self-defense tool kit.

Still Got Questions?

"Being mad doesn't mean that you can fight" 

Of course, I can go on and on; but we all rely on reviews and testimonies of real people before we 'jump in'.  So, here are some of my past and current members - telling you about their experience with Black Phoenix Jeet Kune Do & Sifu Khalil Shabazz.