Military JKD & SPECOPS Kali is designed to provide you with the Physical and Mental strategies and techniques necessary to survive dangerous combat situations.

This course teaches the same combat tactics and strategies that have been taught to the Navy SEALS, elite military, SWAT and special operations teams to prepare them for deadly encounters.

​​​​​​​​​​"military JKD & SPECOPS Kali"

Military JKD & SPECOPS Kali Syllabus
•            How to Engage Your Opponent & Enter
•            How to Destroy and Intercept Punches and Kicks.
•            How to Counter Holds, Locks, Takedowns, Clinch and pummels.
•            Blasting and Trapping: How to Apply Forward Pressure and Trap the Hands
•            How to Enter and use JKD Trapping to Follow-Up and Finish your opponent
•            Escape from the ground by applying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kinomutai.
•            Focus Mitt Drills and Empty Hand Sensitivity Drills to develop Attributes.
•            Seven Areas of Improvised Weapons
•            Edged and Blunt Weapon Fighting Strategy
•            Spontaneous Knife Attacks strategies and drills
•            Drills to develop Angles of Attack, Follow-Ups, and Footwork
•            Drills to develop Target Acquisition, Body Mechanics, Timing.
•            Drills to develop reflexes, sensitivity and speed.
•            Progressive Training Method of Range to Range and Flow to Flow
•            How to survive a mass attack (more than one attacker)
•            Eliminate Fear and Develop Killer Instinct
•            The End Game – Survival Breathing and Conservation of Energy
•            Action Strength – Functional Fitness and Attribute Development with the Great   Gama Workout™ featuring the Gada the Indian Mace.

Mandatory Equipment List:
In order to successfully perform the drills and techniques you must bring their own 

  • Boxing Gloves,
  • Focus Mitts,
  • Shin Pads,
  • Lacrosse Gloves,
  • 2 Kali Sticks,
  • 2 Aluminum Knives, and
  • MMA Gloves.

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Jeet Kune Do / Kali

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