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If you're interested in studying Jeet Kune Do/Jun Fan Gun Fu; Wing Chun, Panantukan ... or any other art that has a Trapping Component - Trapping Essentials is for you.

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"Trapping Essentials"

You will learn answers to such questions as:

>>> Does Trapping Really Work?

>>> When is Trapping Most Effective?

>>> What is the Difference between Sensitivity & Pressure?

>>> How is Reference Point Trapping Valuable?

And much more!

12 'Need to Know'

Jeet Kune Do Trapping

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"Trapping Essentials" Provides Answers

You will get clear, detailed lessons on Common Words, Terms & Phrases; as well as some Basic Techniques & Basic Drills to help you develop the sound foundation you will need to have to learn Beginner Level material. 

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12 Detailed & Fundamental Lessons that clearly & concisely teach you everything  needed to know BEFORE you start your Beginner Level Program.

*Concepts & Philosophy

*Energy, Sensitivity & Pressure

*Reference Point Trapping

*Bridging the Gap

are some of the Lessons taught.

Trapping is a very subtle and nuanced skill. The information can be plentiful and confusing.