Martial Arts & Fitness Academy

Team Building, Corporate Retreats, Employee Safety Training, Workplace Safety, etc.

Bonus Martial:

*A 103+ Page Step-by-Step Training Manual
*12 Follow-Along Training Videos
*3 Additional Fundamental Training Videos
when you sign up for the workshop.

What Will You Learn?

Who … is most likely to attack you?
What … is the most effective way to verbally de-escalate and defuse a situation BEFORE it gets physical?
Where should my hands be if someone passively gets into my personal space?
When … should I hit an attacker; after he/she hits me first to keep the moral ground?
Why … should I shout “I don’t want to fight” when faced with a potential self-defense situation?
How … can I defend myself against someone who is bigger and stronger than I am?

Also Available

Scout Troops,  Frats & Sororities, Social Clubs, Anti-Bully, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, etc.

SCRAP Workshop for Schools & Colleges

SCRAP Workshop for Social Groups & Organizations

Host A Team Building Workshop

High Schools, Colleges, Private Institutions, Anti-Bully, Sexual Assault, etc.

SCRAP Workshop for Companies & Businesses

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We have a great $25 DROP-IN RATE for visitors not able, nor intending on becoming members.